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We match laid-off tech talent with fractional work at startups who need their expertise.

Life isn't always a straight line. Let's turn something sour into something sweet.

discover talent from some of the world's best companies

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how we work

(let's make lemonade)

We know your time is limited.

When you have an urgent hiring need or project, we realize you don't have the time to send countless cold messages to prospective talent. lemonworks helps you skip the tedious work of determining if a recently laid-off employee is available for work or if they're a good match for your needs.

Our awesome features

And tech talent is expensive.

Which is why we match talent with startups looking for their expertise, but unable to afford a full-time hire. Although you're welcome to share a full-time role with us, we'll ask you to be transparent with your salary range so we can align with possible matches.

Our awesome features

Let's make a match (for free).

Our talent pool ranges from director-level to individual contributors with experience at some of the world's largest companies. We know the job hunt can be unpredictable, which is why we confirm a candidates interest before we make a match. We want to make sure you're connecting with folks who can't wait to jump into your project. After you fill out a short form letting us know what you're looking for, leave the rest up to us. Next stop: warm intros to relevant candidates

Our awesome features
Good vibes make lemonade.

We match talent with projects and require both parties to opt-in prior to an introduction. We do this because we value everyone's time. When we share a match, we'll provide details like: hourly rate, work style, expertise, availability, and a variety of other project specific details so you can make an informed decision before any introduction is made. We will match you with up to five possible candidates for your role or project, for free. We just ask that you share about your experience with lemonworks with your network. After we confirm a positive connection, we leave the rest up to you. There are a million amazing tools for companies to use for onboarding, project coordination, or payment. We're not trying to re-invent them. Consider us your partners in smart recruiting from an uber-talented and motivated pool of candidates.

Our awesome features

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, it's free! As we're figuring out the best way to serve companies and job-seekers, we're not charging for our matching services. Members will be notified if a cost-for-service change occurs.

We think the four step process above lays out our approach pretty well. But the TLDR: we're matching candidates with specific experience with companies who share a need for a specific expertise. From UX Designers to Front End Engineers - we're matching them all when there is a fit! Have more questions? Reach out via the 'contact' link below!

Once you submit your request, expect to hear from someone on our team within 3 days with an update.

Easy! Just send us a note with your changes to: hello @ If you want to edit your preferences as a candidate for only fractional or full-time roles, or remove yourself from our community - go here.

Absolutely! There is an option you can select in the onboarding form. We're happy to have you!

Thanks for asking! In our opinion, nothing compares to a granita al limone. Bonus points for a freshly squeezed orange to top it off✨